Caribbean International
Film and Environment


The Isla Verde Caribbean International Film and Environment Festival, founded in 2022 by Cuban actor, director, and visual artist Jorge Perugorría, announces the call for submission for its second edition. The festival will take place on the Isla de la Juventud from April 21 to April 27, 2024.


Dream builder

The closure of the Isla Verde Festival had its golden moment with an exciting concert by the Cuban song writer Silvio Rodríguez, held at the Presidio Modelo.

Isla Verde started

In the first edition there was no shortage of film shows, educational workshops with students from the community schools, tree planting, beach cleaning, entrepreneurship fair, conferences and concerts.

Beautiful Island

Discover some of the most interesting places on the Isla de la Juventud, a Caribbean paradise to explore.

Isla Verde

The Caribbean International Film and Environment Festival was born as a creative space to promote the region's common actions in environmental matters; and to provide a critical perspective on the serious environmental challenges facing the Caribbean today. 

The film competition is a celebration that brings visibility and strength to the environmental project that hosts it, Isla Verde. We aspire to become leaders in the region in terms of transformation based on sustainable development, and for the creation of a successful and replicable ecological model in other communities in the various island states of the Caribbean and the world. 



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