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La cuenca

Documental - España / Chile

2023 - 86 MIN

Dir. Colectivo Left Hand Rotation

The Mallolafquén basin is a territory marked by ongoing conflicts, ranging from the development of real estate projects on Mapuche territories to the degradation of natural spaces, where the defense of water is a fundamental connecting bridge.

Agua es vida

Documental - Chile

2023 - 90 MIN

Dir. Will Parrinello

When mining and hydroelectric projects threaten water supplies in Chile, El Salvador, and Honduras, communities rise up to protect their resources and way of life. Three activists who risk their lives to protect rivers from foreign corporations and corrupt governments.


Ficción - Italia

2023 - 88 MIN

Dir. Cristiano Bendinelli

Amanda is a young indigenous Mapuche Huilliche woman who lives with her family on a small island in southern Chilean Patagonia. Her job is to fish with her uncle from dawn until lunchtime, but the fish are becoming scarcer: intensive exploitation of the archipelago by salmon multinational corporations has made fishing difficult and unproductive. She slowly begins to fall in love with Manuel, from the same community, who, upon learning of the confrontations and subsequent demonstration in distant Santiago, decides to leave. For him, contributing to the fight, in his case against intensive salmon farming that contaminates the archipelago, is essential. Amanda will have to make a decision at that moment!

Serán las dueñas de la tierra

Documental - Puerto Rico

2022 - 92 MIN

Dir. Juan M. Pagán Teitelbaum

The film depicts three years in the lives of Stephanie, Ian, and Alfredo, young ecological farmers without their own land, in their efforts to make a living from agricultural work by producing food for local consumption. The story begins when the protagonists first arrive at the farms they will prepare to start planting. The plot moves between the towns of Orocovis, Ciales, Morovis, Toa Alta, Trujillo Alto, and San Juan, in times before and after hurricanes Irma and María. The documentary shows the will and courage of the protagonists in the face of the immense challenges they face as farmers without land or capital in the islands of Puerto Rico.


Documental - Argentina

2023 - 70 MIN

Dir. Florencia Marina Romero

La Cacique Nalá es una mujer indígena urbana, representante de la comunidad Qom en Argentina, que lucha hace años por visibilizar la cosmovisión indígena en la educación, medicina y cultura.

Bajo la luz de la esperanza

Documental - Cuba

2022 - 57 MIN

Dir. Jorge Iván Valdés Cortizas

The reproduction of corals is a fact practically unknown to the majority of people. Two sites, more than twenty scientists, and one purpose: to monitor coral spawning in Guanahacabibes and Jardines de la Reina, natural paradises of Cuba, a country with one of the best-preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean, but not immune to the effects of climate change. Dedication, exhaustion, uncertainty will guide this journey in which humanity puts itself at the feet of nature to find some hope under the light.

Salvajes, el cuento del lobo

Documental - España

2022 - 90 MIN

Dir. Álex Galán

Some distant mountains, isolated shepherds, and a government determined to protect an invisible animal. But imposing urban law in rural territory will not be easy. In northern Spain, a group of herders declares rebellion and opts for self-government. Caught in the crossfire: photographers, rangers, and naturalists. 'Wild' shows the most western Spain in a frenetic story where morality and harm depend on who the sheriff is. This documentary captures the social conflict of the last decades between man and wolf on the Iberian Peninsula.


Documental - Cuba

2023 - 55 MIN

Dir. Maikel Jorge Pascual

Exploring climate patterns becomes crucial for Felipe, a passionate scientist in search of answers that could revolutionize risk management and the planning of preventive measures in the face of a climate future full of uncertainties. An expedition takes us into the scientific adventure that seeks to decipher the climatic enigmas of the past from nature.

Ganado o desierto

Documental - España

2023 - 70 MIN

Dir. Francisco Vaquero Robustillo

The objective of this documentary is to show the use of livestock farming for the regeneration of grasslands, soils, forests, and water. Good livestock management is a real solution for the restoration of ecosystems and rural economies.

La promesse verte

Ficción - Francia


Dir. Édouard Bergeon

To try to save her son Martin, sentenced to death in Indonesia, Carole launches into an unequal battle against palm oil producers, responsible for deforestation, and against powerful industrial lobbies.


Dr. Vaje

Documental - Italia

2023 - 20 MIN

Dir. Carmelo Raneri

In a marginalized neighborhood of Havana, lives and works 'Dr. Vaje', a shoemaker-philosopher who gives new life to worn-out shoes, in respect for Mother Earth.

Km 91 Carretera Central

Documental - Cuba

2022 - 8 MIN

Dir. Emilio Antonio Caro Reyes

At Km 91 of the Central Highway, Pinar del Río, is located the La Conchita Canning Factory, where large quantities of fruits and vegetables are processed for national and international consumption. Like any industry, it generates various outcomes.

La abeja: Una reflexión sobre mujeres, tierra y ocupación

Documental - Puerto Rico

2023 - 29 MIN

Dir. Nelson Varas-Díaz

Film representing the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. It follows a feminist group of beekeepers living on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. It has been twenty years since the US Navy stopped using Vieques as a bombing range. Nevertheless, people continue to live with the legacy of an army that brutally displaced the population and affected the use of their lands. Through an ethnographic approach, we accompany the women of Colmena Cimarrona during a week of work, a collective that seeks to revitalize the land through agriculture and beekeeping.

48 gradi

Ficción - Italia

2023 - 8 MIN

Dir. Andrea Di Iorio

On a day when temperatures rise relentlessly, a woman finds herself trapped in her car. Her only salvation is the air conditioning, until the car shuts off.

Experiencias en el mapa extractivista

Documental - Argentina

2023 - 24 MIN

Dir. Gastón Bejas

In Argentina, despite the importance of agricultural activity and being a country that leads in the use of pesticides, there are no official epidemiological surveys of their impact on populations. Regulations on their presence in drinking water are also not updated. There are no official data on the quantities used or uniform provisions for distances to spraying. On the contrary, populations are required to provide evidentiary proof of the causal relationship between the health damage they present and exposure to these substances, a practice known as shifting the burden of proof. This leads each community to undergo the same long and costly legal process. Images and sounds of communities suffering environmental impacts.

El Juego

Documental - Venezuela

2023 - 5 MIN

Dir. Gilberto Polo Pacheco

The sedimentation in the Sinamaica Lagoon increases every day, changing the appearance of many areas, and forcing the population to adapt to new experiences on land. Children, with their ingenuity, take advantage of the sedimentation in the lagoon and adapt a marbles game with 'bottle caps', achieving a fresh start where playing in the water can become a memory for everyone.

Todavía la semilla

Documental - Puerto Rico

2023 - 14 MIN

Dir. Llaima Suwani Sanfiorenzo

The story tells of the importance of reforestation, with native and endemic trees of Puerto Rico as protagonists. Written and directed by filmmaker Llaima Suwani Sanfiorenzo, and narrated by singer and songwriter iLe, it is a tribute to the labor of love and commitment to the ecological future of the archipelago.

Villas pesqueras

Documental - Puerto Rico

2022 - 10 MIN

Dir. Claudia Crespo Castro

Five characters from three traditional fishing communities in Puerto Rico narrate their stories and struggles, highlighting the importance of these spaces, their culture, and concerns about legislation and climate change.

Nuestra agroecología, nuestro futuro

Documental - Estados Unidos / Cuba

2023 - 19 MIN

Dir. Margarita Fernández

For over 30 years, Cuba has transformed its food system, resulting in one of the world's most successful experiences in agroecological massification. Despite these successes, Cuba faces chronic challenges in food availability and access, creating a kind of paradox and space for misinformation. Through the voices of Cuban farmers and specialists, this work explores the nuances of successes and challenges, and calls for continued harvesting the fruits of 30 years of agroecological construction to enter into a significant transformation of the Cuban food system, as a pathway to achieve the long-awaited food sovereignty.


Documental - Colombia

2022 - 16 MIN

Dir. Andrés Felipe Gil Lozano

Social leaders from Zona Bananera confront powerful landowners who are seizing water to irrigate their banana crops, leaving entire towns dry. The community and peasant leaders mobilize and, despite risking their lives, they will not rest until they achieve what should be for everyone: fair access to water.

Bajo las olas

Documental - República Dominicana

2022 - 24 MIN

Dir. Jensson Cruz

Genesis begins her journey beneath the waters surrounding our island in search of the urgent answer to problems affecting marine life and, consequently, a population that remains completely unaware.


Ficción (animación) - Perú

2022 - 2 MIN

Dir. Belén Fayruss Prado Torrejón

The story follows the life of Lui, an endangered hawksbill turtle, from birth to adulthood. Initially, his life in the sea is peaceful, but everything changes when poachers arrive in his area. From then on, his existence takes an unexpected turn. After a series of events, the only thing that survives of Lui is his shell, which becomes a commonplace object for many people. This story reflects on the vulnerability of endangered species and how human activity can drastically alter their lives. Lui becomes a symbol of the fight for conservation, reminding us of our responsibility to protect biodiversity.

Enarenados: los ríos cuentan Bauru

Documental - Brasil

2023 - 13 MIN

Dir. Liene Saddi y André Turtelli Poles

It portrays the environmental impact of human occupation in the territory of Bauru, including the destruction of the Kaingang villages and the construction of the Northwest Railway of Brazil, the largest railway hub in Latin America.

La voz del huito

Documental - Perú

2022 - 18 MIN

Dir. Rita Sánchez, Joaquina Izaguirre y Mara Corrales

Luis Tayori is a descendant of the indigenous Harakbut people, whose origins trace back to the depths of the Peruvian jungle. Years after the first contact with Dominican missionaries, Luis recounts the memories of his childhood and those of his grandparents. Through a photographic archive of the early Dominican incursions, Luis seeks to find answers to the encounter between two worlds and reaffirm his identity.

Ecos desde el azulado prado

Documental - México

2023 - 12 MIN

Dir. Héctor Enrique Hernández Sánchez

Motivated by the dream of becoming a marine biologist since childhood, Itzel is the first Mexican researcher to be part of the international network for acoustic monitoring of cetaceans, Gulf Listen. Through anecdotes and experiences, she will immerse us in a fascinating journey of her profession.

Gone with the north wind

Documental - Brasil

2023 - 12 MIN

Dir. Antonio Fargoni

Taquary is water; Taquaritinga is forest. In the interior of Pernambuco, the mountain dahlia is thirsty and progress is hasty.


Documental - Cuba

2023 - 7 MIN

Dir. Giselle García Castro

Mou has a budding enterprise where he handcrafts bags and fanny packs from recycled materials.

Haiku aislado - montaje del director

Documental - Brasil

2023 - 11 MIN

Dir. Paulo Afonso Monteiro Delfini

Experimental film that relates Japanese Haiku poetry and natural landscapes. The documentary poetically explores a relationship between technology and nature, supported by the hybridization of analog and digital images in rear projection.

Al son de la serpiente

Documental - México

2023 - 13 MIN

Dir. Johnny Olán Ochoa

Why are you afraid of the snake?... Condemned by religion, the snake has never been well regarded in society. Therefore, the conservation work done by both Gabriel Cruz and Jacobo Grajales in southern Veracruz is important to understand the close relationship that this mythical animal has in music, public health, and the ecosystem of our environment.

Abejas cubanas: La revolución orgánica

Documental - Cuba

2023 - 19 MIN

Dir. Daniesky Acosta y Hugo Rivalta

Economic limitations and restricted access to chemical fertilizers and pesticides since the 1990s have catalyzed a shift towards agroecology and ecological agriculture on a national scale. Honey production on the island is predominantly organic and is mainly obtained from wildflowers, giving it a characteristic flavor. The Cuban government has taken measures to safeguard and promote beekeeping as a vital component of sustainable agriculture.


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