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International Film and Environment Festival of the Caribbean

We welcome you to the International Film and Environment Festival of the Caribbean, Isla Verde, a project committed to strengthening efforts in mitigating and adapting to the effects of Climate Change, primarily within our geographic ecosystem. The creation of creative spaces for exchange and cooperation is the synergy that brings this initiative to life, a project of the Isla Verde Local Development Project. We also have the collaboration of the Gorría Workshop Gallery,, la Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation for Nature and Man and Four Wives.

The International Film and Environment Festival of the Caribbean, chaired by Cuban theater and film actor, director, documentarian, painter, and sculptor Jorge Perugorría, is born as a creative space to enhance the common actions of the region in environmental matters and to contribute a critical perspective on the serious environmental challenges that the Caribbean faces today.

Isla de la Juventud is the natural space for this festival, which is part of the environmental program Isla Verde. The film festival is a celebration that provides visibility and strength to a more ambitious project, with which we aim to lead and support a transformation towards sustainable development in the territory. This transformation could serve as a precedent for a successful and replicable ecological model in other communities of the diverse island states of the Caribbean and the world.

Our film proposal encompasses key audiovisual works circulating internationally with an environmental perspective to generate a dialogue among audiovisual works, both Cuban and international, and other initiatives in the region. As part of the activity program, we include conferences and workshops conducted by prestigious professionals, focusing on topics of interest for Isla Verde, such as sustainable tourism, agroecology, sustainable business models, and new economies. These activities engage the audience directly through interdisciplinary educational actions. 

Nuestra aspiración es convertirnos en referente en la región en materia conservación ambiental, articulada y comunicada a través del cine. Deseamos aportar a la transformación social desde la filosofía de cooperación y del cuidado del medio ambiente, comenzando por influir en una mejor relación con los seres humanos que lo habitamos. Apostamos por convertirnos en un Festival cero residuos y con bajas emisiones de CO2″. 


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